BLOG – Flash on a sunny day….

Hello All,

My second posting in two days, well I had such a good response to the last blog I thought I’d have a crack at another.

Back in February I decided I wanted to do a mono shoot, I chose one of my favourite local models, Scaire, and we discussed the concept and agreed what we’d do.

I knew my local multi-storey car park has an unused rooftop area, and my concept had this raw unused look.  What I didn’t bank on was the crystal clear blue sky and bright sunshine we’d have on the day!

Also as added inspiration I had a good friend and awesome photographer Aaron Storry

I decided to go ahead with my original mono shoot plan and use the Elinchrom Quadras as a good fill light and create some contrasty images.

I can say with confidence these are some of my best mono images to date, and I can also say Aaron made it look far easier, when he grabbed a few images!

One again a big thanks to all involved!

Happy shooting

Neil Balderson


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