BLOG – Long time coming….The training Day

Hello All,

It’s been a long time coming but finally I’ve got round to blogging about the course I won.  Oh sorry I might have missed mentioning that.  I won a competition via Purpleport, to have a training day with Andrew Appleton at Village Studios in Kent.

It was all about learning your camera and shooting natural light…. Something I’m not always keen on!.

Andrew was a fantastic teacher and I’d highly recommend his courses, I’m looking at another one he is planning for June.

We had the opportunity to shoot the Model Kate Errington, both indoors and out, and put into practice what we had learnt.

Village Studios is a great venue for these activities and has some awesome locations all within 20 yds of the front door.

Heres a selection of what I shot from the day.

Many thanks to all involved!

Neil Balderson

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