BLOG – Testing the New Nikon D700……In a Lake!

Hi All,

I recently bought a Nikon D700 and mated it to a lovely Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 Lens (A little treat after a business trip to Japan, but thats another story)

Anyway, I wanted to give it test and get used to the idea of using it ahead of a upcoming wedding i was shooting.

So like anysensible person who has just spent  X thousand pounds on some gear, i decided to plan a water based shoot involving wading into a lake and shooting close the the water.   nothing ventured nothing gained as they say.

Actually finding a willing model was suprisingly easy, the problem was finding a suitable lake!  in the end after 3 solid days of scounting with my very patient wife we found one that was absolutely perfect, nice shallow water with a slow sinking shelf with a sandy bottom.

We turned up and got started, some simple paddling shots and eventually got down into the water more and more.

sooo how did the Nikon D700 Perform?

STUNNINGLY, despite being so much heavier than my previous model and Nikon D40…yes i shot with a D40, it felt natural in my hands, having the ability to move the iso, above 800 was amazing.  the ability to select my focus point! amazing!, ease of switching of exposure controls etc is simply amazing.

SOOOO below are the results, let me know what you think….

Neil Balderson





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