2012 – A year in Photos….NB-Photos….

Hello All, thought i best post up a review of the year. and its been a bit of an eclectic one!latex headpieces, familt photos, weddings, custom motorbikes, models, boudoir, location, studio, rugby, have a look below and see just a few. I’ve set myself some rules for the new year too.1) Prices will have to rise, to reflect the increase in quality of work and product
2) No More TF shoots, either I get Paid or I will pay for the model (unless i think it will benefit my portfolio)
3) Increase in the equipment (just finshed the order 😉 )
4) I will attend at least 3 training courses this year (recomendations?)
5) More wedding work! I have already made a list of models i want to work with too….. but that would be giving too much away!

Happy New Year Everybody! 

Latex Headpieces

  Latex Headpieces



mono carpark shoot

Steel Wool Shoot

Playing with fire


Infiniti Emerge


Maternity bump

Implied Nude Maternity

Baby Bump



mono Yazmiin

yazmiin Location



Sunset easyrider




Lady in the lake

Yaz on location

Family shoot


Ballon inflation

Nighttime ballon shoot

time exposure

fairground rides

Shane Martin Design

Custom bike

Iceland Harpa Centre

Iceland Harpa Centre

Katie Green

Katie Green

Family Portrait

Family Portrait

England Rugby

England Rugby

England Rugby

England Rugby

Yazmiin Boudoir

Yazmiin Boudoir

My Kitcar as a custom Model

My Kitcar as a custom Model


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