BLOG – Nissan, Rugby and Weddings

Apologies for the break in writing a blog, but I got mad
busy with work.

In the past week, I ended up photographing the second most
powerful man in Nissan, Colin Dodge. Which in itself led to 2 wedding enquiries
(never saw that one coming…!)

It was certainly an interesting experience, having been at
weddings with 100-150 guests and that can be intimidating, trying to work
around 600+ crowd, and a video crew (so no flash allowed) was to say the least
tricky!  All that said we have had loads
of positive feedback so fingers crossed for repeat work.

Then came the big news of the week, out of the blue was a
phone call wanting to discuss usage of an image I have for sale.  The image is one of the many I have of
England Rugby Team.  After some
discussion the sale price was agreed, and I have found that the image is to be
used in the next 5 England game programs at Twickenham.

As a massive English Rugby Fan I can’t explain my excitement
at this.

So good time ahead let’s see what the rest of the month has
to offer.

Happy Shooting


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